How does your Money-Back Guarantee Work?

If you are not satisfied with a particular course you are taking with us, we will refund your course fee, less any accommodation and meal expenses. For example, let us imagine that you are taking a series of courses from Advanced Open Water to IDC and on the 4th day of the IDC you tell the Course Director that you are not confident enough at this time to continue with the course. In that case, we would refund your IDC tuition less any accommodation and meal costs, ($30.00 per day = $120.00 for the 4 days of the IDC taken). This means that you would still have paid for the Advanced to Divemaster courses.

You may request a refund up to the last day of the IDC, at his time you should know if you are ready for the IE. If you decide to go on and take the IE at this time or at anytime in the future, and fail the IE, there is no refund for the IDC course. This is because you still have the ability to take the IE and pass it at a future date. The EASE Course Directors make sure you are ready to take the IE. If they feel you are not ready, they will not recommend that you take it. However, you still have the option to take the IE knowing that the Course Director does not recommend you taking it. If you decide to do this and fail the IE, we will still allow you to return for another IDC program where you would only have to pay for the cost of meals and accommodation ($30 per day).