Do I have to show you a logbook documenting my previous experience?

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Instructor Development Course

Yes. When taking courses at EASE, it is important for you to be able to show proof of your previous dive experience. The prerequisite number of logged dives required for each course is different. Entry to the Divemaster program requires previous experience of 20 logged dives, while 60 logged dives are required for certification as a Divemaster. The prerequisite for the IDC is 60 logged dives, while that for the IE is 100 logged dives.

While entry to the Divemaster course only requires 20 logged dives, in order to complete the course at EASE in only 7 days, you really need to have made about 55 dives, as only an 5 additional dives will be completed as part of the course. Otherwise you will have to wait until you have made 60 dives before you can submit your Divemaster application to PADI.

Also, while entry to the IDC only requires 60 logged dives, in order to be able to go on and take the IE immediately after the completion of your course, you really need to have made about 96 dives, as only an additional 4 dives will be completed as part of the course. Someone who wishes to take the IE but does not have the required 100 logged dives, can still do so if they complete the CDC Program at EASE. Click here to go back to the question which gives more information about the CDC Program.