Dive Industry Specialist

The dive industry is full of employment opportunities. However, if you are hoping to find a great job rather than just any job, you need to set yourself apart from the average job candidate. Our Dive Industry Specialist (DIS) program will provide you with the comprehensive training and practical experience you need to find the right job in today’s competitive employment market.

We recognize that, while some of you will be seeking employment with a resort dive operator, others may prefer a retail setting or a position on a live-aboard dive boat. So, unlike other training programs which concentrate exclusively on preparing you for working in a resort operation only, our   Dive Industry Specialist program provides you with the more diverse training and skills today’s dive industry employers are looking for.  On completion of the course you will be eligible to apply for 10 PADI Specialty Instructor ratings.

As a DIS graduate, you will have additional advantages over other candidates using our normal Job Placement Service. We will prepare a dive industry-specific resume for you and will guarantee you that we will give the task of finding you a job our personal attention.  We will work closely with our extensive network of employers until we find the right job for you.  Later on, if you want to change jobs, we will be happy to offer you our assistance in finding a new position.

MSDT Prep Course

Specialty courses are not only fun and exciting for divers to take; they are enjoyable and easy for the Instructor to teach.  Specialty Diver courses are very popular today, especially in resort locations where divers enjoy taking short courses while on vacation. As a Specialty Instructor working at a resort your ability to teach these courses will be in great demand.  If you work at a mainland dive center and take your customers to resort locations, Specialty courses can easy be combined with vacation travel.

PADI Gas Blender Instructor Course

You may already be a certified gas blender, but are you prepared to teach others how to provide gas mixtures? If the thought of becoming a PADI Gas Blender Instructor interests you, then you will find that the PADI Gas Blender course is one of the most informative and comprehensive programs in the market today. PADI’s instructional philosophies and course goals directly address the emerging and demanding nature of gas blending. This course is conducted in conjunction with the PADI Gas Blender course. Trimix Blender Instructor course option available.

TDI Equipment O2 Service Technician

In the TDI O2 Equipment Service Technician Course, you will expand upon the repair skills you have received from equipment manufacturer’s programs and learn the proper techniques and protocols of preparing scuba equipment for use with breathing gases other than air.

Visual Inspector Course

This course teaches the regulations and fundamentals of conducting visual inspections of solid wall and composite SCUBA and SCBA cylinders.

Scuba Equipment Service Technician

During this two day program you will receive thorough training in the repair and maintenance of a number of the most popular brands of scuba equipment.

DAN DEMP Instructor

DAN Instructors are scuba diving educators who want to offer dive safety programs to their students. As a DAN Instructor, you can offer your students classes that will help make them better prepared to respond to a dive emergency.

HSA Instructor

As an HSA Instructor you will train and certify handicapped students according to HSA Physical Performance Standards and a Multi-Level Certification system so exacting and sensitive it enables you to train people with a wide range of disabilities, including paraplegia, quadriplegia and even the blind!  HSA Instructors are also able to offer the “Dive Buddy Program” to able-bodied divers wishing to expand their underwater world to include sharing it with a handicapped partner.