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2019 IDC Schedule

Good Morning everyone. We wanted to let you know that our 2019 Instructor Development Course (IDC) has been published to our web site. Dates are as follow: January 5th February 9th March 16th April 6th May 11th Saturday 15th Saturday 29th August 17th August 31st September 28th November 30th Please go to our web site: www.easedivepro.com for more training classes you might be interested in.

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New Visual Inspector Instructor Program.

The Eastern Academy of Scuba Education is proud to announce that Philippe Yersin has been awarded the rating of VIP Instructor Trainer through ITI (International Training), parent company of SDI, TDI and ERDI. After a year of hard work, he has trained enough Visual Inspectors to be upgraded to this prestigious rating. As of today, we are offering a VIP Instructor course on a monthly basis. This training complies with the appropriate government safety regulations or gas industry standards of its stated material. The basic Inspector class cover: Rules and Regulations Hydrostatic Testing Cylinder Inspections Steel, Aluminum and Composite Cylinders Valves Fill Stations and Compressors Safety Records and Liability It is an 8 Hours class. Recurring training is required every three years. The instructor course build upon the VIP course and focuses on how to teach other to visually inspect high pressure cylinders, rebuild valves, clean cylinders and components, understand compressors and know some of the rules and regulations for inspecting high pressure cylinders and their components. This will provide dive shops the opportunity to train their own inspector’s and maintain a high level of standard. #tdisdi #visualinspection #vip #cylindertraining #scubainspection #firefighter #scba

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New Law in Florida – Dive Flags AND Dive Buoys

On Friday June 13th Florida Governor Rick Scott signed HB 1049 into law in the state. This bill provides divers with additional choices for marking their position in the water by allowing either a traditional divers-down flag OR a divers-down buoy. This legislation was sought as a means of increasing diver visibility and diver safety on the waterways. The current law requires divers to display a "divers down flag," a square or rectangular red flag with a white diagonal stripe, in the area where diving occurs. Divers are required to conduct their diving activities within a certain distance to the flag, and vessels are required maintain a certain distance from the flags, depending on the location of the activity. The new law allows divers to use a buoy in place of a flag when the buoy is a specified size and when the diver is diving independent of a vessel. Flags are still required when diving from a vessel. According to the new law, "divers-down buoy" means a buoyant device, other than a vessel, which displays a divers-down symbol of at least 12 inches by 12 inches on three or four flat sides, which is prominently visible on the water's surface when in use. Divers must make a reasonable effort to stay within 100 feet of the divers-down flag or buoy on rivers, inlets, and navigation channels. Similarly, any person operating a vessel must make a reasonable effort to stay more than 100 feet from the divers-down flag or buoy in these areas. Divers must make reasonable efforts to stay within 300 feet of the divers-down flag or buoy on all waters other than rivers, inlets, and navigation channels. Any person operating a vessel on [...]

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Complimentary PADI eCards Available for PADI Pros at ScubaEarth®

The new ScubaEarth Extra features are an exciting way users can expand their ScubaEarth experience and include: •Personalized Dive Dashboard – Manage your favorite ScubaEarth components, like favorite dive sites, dive buddies, marine species and featured destinations, with these interactive slates. •Critter Finder – In addition to detailed marine species information, you can see photos and find out where to spot your favorite critters. Plus, as a membership benefit, you can also access all your PADI eCards and display them via the PADI App. Sign in now (you must be a ScubaEarth user to access your PADI eCards) and select the blue Extras button from the menu on the left to check out these features.

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PADI IDC / IE Revision for 2014

At EASE, as of January 2014, we are teaching the PADI IDC with the new open water course curriculum material. PADI Instructor Examiners have assignments that reflect both the classic and revised edition of the PADI Open Water Diver course. The only change at this point is that the revised Prescriptive Lesson Guides differ from those in the classic version. As with the PADI Divemaster course revision, both assignment types (classic and revised) are available at the examination and candidates simply choose the assignment that applies. Examiners can also assist if candidates have questions. To reiterate, outside of knowledge development, no new skills have been added to the Instructor Examination assignments. The skills from the revised PADI Open Water Diver course will be introduced in the Instructor Examination later this year. The IDC crewpack include the revised material.

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EASE new web site

Hello, and thank you for visiting our new site. The new site went live about a week ago. We are still adding content as the site grows. Please visit us often for news about PADI IDC (instructor development programs), PADI and TDI Technical course, Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) Instructor and Buddy courses and many more. We hope you like the site and please contact us with your comments. Thank you. The EASE team

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